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Tips to Sell Stuff on Amazon Successfully

Tips to Sell Stuff on Amazon Successfully

If you are all set to sell on Amazon business, you should know that registering your business and uploading the product images will not fetch revenue. 

You need to have a strong strategy for selling your products online to outshine your rivals and grab your customers’ attention. Here are a few things that you be careful about to make your Amazon business a success story. 

Product Image Should Be Top Class 

When it comes to selling products on Amazon, you have to understand that every visitor will rely on the product images to buy them. They should find your catalogue attractive and worth exploring. 

Therefore, once you start selling with Amazon, make sure to focus on your product images and videos. Every image and video should be crystal clear and the colours of the products should not be very different from the real product colours. 

If due to reflection or any other factor, the product colour in the image looks different, make sure to keep a disclaimer about the same beneath the image. 

 Flexible Pricing Policies Always Help

Keep the product pricing as flexible as possible to make it a popular choice. You can opt for manual, algorithmic, or rule-based pricing for your products to sell on Amazon. In the case of manual pricing, you can choose any price for your products.

For rule-based pricing, the computer will first consider the price of similar products offered by other competitors and decide the price of your products accordingly. 

The goal here remains to keep your product’s price the lowest to enhance its sales potential. Similarly, when you opt for algorithmic pricing, the algorithms consider a plethora of market metrics and decide your products’ prices accordingly. 

Online Sellers Should Focus On Product Description

Another thing that every online seller should focus on remains the product description. If the product image quality is top-notch, several people will show interest in your products. However, potential customers will also look for product descriptions to know the products properly before investing in them. 

Therefore, your product description has to be accurate, comprehensive, and attention-grabbing. Product competition is quite high on Amazon. Therefore, you should look for ways to make your product descriptions unique. 

You can try adding stories to your products so that more and more customers feel drawn to them. For example, if you sell silk garments on Amazon, you can narrate the story of how organic silk threads are extracted from cocoons and then woven. 

Avoid Rounded Pricing and Opt for the Magic Of 99

Once youstart selling on Amazon, pay attention to the minute details about pricing. You will find several brands selling their products at $199.99 or $99.99 instead of a simple $200 or $100. This has a psychological connotation to it. 

When you read the price to be $199.99, your brain primarily focuses on 199 and not the decimal part. Therefore, you perceive the price to be around 199 instead of 200. 

Of this 199 also, you focus more on 100 and the real price which is much closer to 200 appears to be somewhat in the range of 100s. This is an old and tried trick that has worked for decades. Therefore, instead of rounding your product prices, give them the magic of 99. 

Use Your Social Media Handles For Promotion

Social media handles can be extremely effective for promoting your sales on Amazon business. Advertise the products available on Amazon and let everyone know about your presence on Amazon. 

Almost all online shoppers access Amazon for one product or another. So, they will eventually find you and buy your products. To give your Amazon business a boost, you can also collaborate with a social media influencer. Leverage the power of social media to make your business more successful. 

Optimise Your Listings for SEO and Conversion

Small-scale businesses and individual sellers can sell on Amazon for free by skipping the monthly subscription fee. They can work with Amazon based on referral fees. No matter which mode of selling you have chosen, make sure to keep your listing SEO and conversion optimised. 

This way, more and more visitors will end up spotting your products. The platform of Amazon has thousands of products from hundreds of sellers listed for each category. Therefore, standing apart in the crowd remains critical for every business that SEO makes possible. 

Besides following all these, you should also stay focused on data. When you decide to sell on an online marketplace like Amazon, uploading your products might not be enough. 

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