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The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Using Promo Code Online

The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Using Promo Code Online

How much free are you leaving on the table by not having the right promo code


Well, coupon code are basically that: free money. When shopping online, just by entering that secret combination of letters (like "SAVE30" or "WELCOME60") during checkout, you can instantly slash your total purchase price by 30%, 35%, or even more.


 In fact, some estimates put the total savings during the 2022 Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend at upwards of 27% in savings per person. Think about how much you've spent this holiday season, and think about what that would look like with or without saving 27%. 


No wonder promo code have become so popular with shoppers. However — finding a working discount code can be a challenge. Depending on the store, often it is hard to locate a coupon code that actually works. This guide is written for those shoppers who are maybe a bit grip about finding that working discount or promo code. 


If you're willing to spend a few minutes hunting for that magical code, bookmark this guide now. We've written the most comprehensive guide to finding working coupon code, and detailed strategies you won't find anywhere else. 


At Dealsandcouponsmena, our mission is to help shoppers like you find working discount code, promo code, vouchers, etc. especially for hard-to-find stores. We wrote this guide to share our expertise in this area and to help you on this little discussed topic.


Basic strategies for finding coupon code


If you're new to finding coupon codes, here are the most basic and tried-and-true methods for finding discount code.


Google search

The basic way to find discount code is to run a quick Google search. For example, if you're looking for a coupon code for online shopping, simply go to google.com and search "online shopping promo code." You'll see a listing of websites that may offer promo code for online shopping. Open the first one and try the code. If that fails, try the next one, and so on.


This is the most common way to find coupon code for a specific store. It can work in many cases, but sometimes you'll come up short with no codes working. The main downside with this way is the time that it takes to try out a bunch of coupon code, many of which may expire or not work.


Coupon toolbars & extensions

When it comes to finding coupon code during checkout, many shoppers prefer the convenience of a browser extension. (Studies show one in 12 customers will leave during checkout to hunt for a discount code, so browser extensions are a real time-saving.) These are plug-ins that you can install on your browser like Chrome or Safari that help you to find promo code while you're shopping online. Extensions like these will pop up a window while you're shopping on say Pizza Hut's website, and will automatically try to find a working coupon code for you.


To use a coupon extension, just head to the extension store or gallery for your browser and search for "coupon" and you'll see the options. Apple even started offering iOS Safari extensions, now you can shop with easy access coupon on mobile as well. 


Coupon websites

For a bit more motivated coupon searcher, you can go one step further and bookmark a few of the most popular coupon websites and search for codes there. While there are many coupon websites online, stick with the most trusted brands since they tend to have more coupon code for more stores, and do a great job of filtering out expired codes.


The most reliable coupon websites include:



No coupon website is perfect, and you'll see varying discount code listed across websites. You'll also run across expired codes or codes that don't work for particular items you're trying to purchase. Given that many codes expire quickly and many have detailed limitation, finding a working code can take more work.


On-store strategies for finding discount code


A little-known strategy for searching working discount code is to search right there on the retailer's website. Many times, the coupon code you're finding is right there under your nose, Use these techniques to zero in on where these offer codes can be found on each store's website. 


Store's own coupon page

Many people don't know that retailers often maintain their own coupon page, right there on their website. Sometimes this page is simply hard to find, so you may need to scour their site header or footer at the bottom of the page for a link that says something like:



The store may actually advertise a promo code on their main homepage, but we may miss these because they often resemble advertisements. Scan the merchant's homepage for any mention of discount code or coupon and you can often find one.


Newsletter signup

 You can often get a discount code at many stores as simply by signing up for their newsletter. Many retailers want to encourage shoppers to sign up for their newsletter, so they offer a discount code as an award. These codes are typically customized for you and have a long string of numbers like "WELCOME-AZXS2883" and will unlock a discount on a single purchase. To try to obtain a newsletter signup promo code, simply find the newsletter signup box on the retailer's website (you can usually find it in the site's footer at the bottom of the page), and enter your email address. Here's an example newsletter signup box on Revolve.com: how to find promo codes After you signup, check your email to see if they've sent you your code. 


Live chat 

Another advanced way for obtaining coupon code is by talking with a customer service agent on the retailer's site. You often see a "live chat" link or even a popup chat window that appears on many e-commerce websites. Occasionally just by asking an agent whether they have any discount code available today, they'll give you one. Retailers don't want to loose customers once they've arrived on their website, so they'll offer discount code as a way to motivate a shopper who's on the fence to complete their purchase. You can use this to your supremacy while shopping online. 


Abandon your shopping cart 

This strategy may sound strange, but it sometimes works. To retailers, losing a potential buyer even after they've loaded up their shopping cart with items is their worst nightmare. So some stores have strategies to these "cart abandon-ing" shoppers back in with discount code and the stats on coupon and discounting prove they are worthwhile to those stores. To try this strategy, simply shop as you normally would at the retailer's website and add items to your cart and go through the checkout flow and then register with the website. Then, close your browser window, effectively leaving your cart. Wait a day or more to see if the store emails you, asking you to finish up your purchase, Is there a coupon code included in that email? Success if so! 


Using social media to find coupon codes


Brands uses social media to promote products and offers. With the right strategies you can sometimes find a working code by searching social media. 



Slickdeals is a very famous forum where people share and discuss deals. There are so many deals and coupon code listed in Slickdeals, however the downside is that it's organised as a forum — split into grimy discussion threads, and finding a specific deal can be hard to impossible. Fortunately, you can use Google search operators as shortcuts to navigate Slickdeals more competently. For example, you can search Google with "site:slickdeals.net fila promo code" to try to locate any recent threads about Fila's coupon code listed on Slickdeals. 



Many people don't know this, but Reddit can be a great source for promo code. Reddit is so big with so many topics that you can often find people discussing coupon code for some stores. Just like with Slickdeals, you can use some handy Google search operators to find promo code for some special stores. Here's an example for Nike coupon codes: "site:reddit.com nike coupon code" 



Twitter can be a resource for discount code in most cases. Some brands actively use Twitter to promote their offers, discounts and will tweet discount codes directly on the platform. Other times you can find influencers or publishers who tweet discount code, promo code or referral codes on Twitter. To search for discount codes on Twitter, simply go to twitter.com then use the search bar to search for the retailer's coupon code or promo code. Use the "Latest" search tab to find or view the most recently posted tweets. 



Depending on which retailer you're trying to find discount code for, YouTube can be a useful tool for getting codes. Search youtube.com for "brand name + promo code" and filter through the results, Many times brands will post videos which contain promo code, coupon, offer codes, and YouTubers also often receive referral codes from brands which they post along with their videos.



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